Dual Dog Walker Leash™ Patent Pending Custom Made To Use For A Couple Of Reasons

Posted on December 28, 2020

First, the Dual Dog Walker Leash™ is the pulling strap that goes to our new product CWS Weighted Dog Sled™. On one end there are two 1 inch nickel plated leash hooks that latch onto the weighted sled goes to holes that are on each side so the sled will not turn over keeps the sled balanced and does not get tangled up when making turn moves while pulling the sled. Two straps go up 1.5 feet to a nickel plated O ring then from the O ring one strap with two handles one in the middle and one on the end that can adjust 4 – 6 feet with a heavy duty buckle.

To pull the weighted sled the leash strap hooks to our other product Weighted Animal Vest® with a nickel plated D Ring and goes back into the buckle to secure the leash so it will not move and you can adjust to desired length. As we experimented with the weighted sled we found out our dogs like the strap at 6 feet, they like it better when it is farther away than up close.

Second, we figured out when making the pulling strap for our weighted dog sled that it can walk one or two dogs at one time which is great we have two dogs and I usually use two leashes and they can hurt your hand by getting bunched up but solve that problem with the Dual Dog Walker Leash™ Patent Pending.

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