CANINE WEIGHT SET ® 5 in 1 Weighted Dog Vest


  • 1. Weighted Dog Vest Helps Strengthen And Improves Your Dogs Overall Health for many reasons. Weight Bags Included They can be filled with Sand Or BB’s We use BB’s It Is The Heaviest Option. They Can Be Adjusted From 0 To Full Weight. We Have The Heaviest Most Effective Weighted Dog Vest On The Market.
  • 2. We Use A Fully Waterproof Material Last Longer and Tear Resistant With 1/2 Inch Padded Foam For Comfort.
  • 3. Helps With Anxiety And Calms High Aggressive Dogs.
  • 4. Reflective Night/Day Vision Material Very Visible At And In The Day Safety Vision.
  • 5. Air Flow Material Under Body Keeps Your Dog Cool Supplies A Thin Layer Of Air Between Your Dog And The Vest.
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