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Dual Dog Walker Leash™

Dual Dog Walker Leash™

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1. No pull walks 1 or 2 dogs at one time reflective at night and match or dog collars. 2. 4ft – 6ft Adjustable for desired comfort, fits small and large arms, can adjust to fit your elbow or shoulder for easy control. Securer, safer and tighter hold on your dog or dogs while taking neighborhood walks, this leash will not bunch up in your hand 3. For small and large dogs 4. Hooks up to our Weighted Dog Sled 5. Hooks up to Weighted Animal Vest so you can pull the weighted dog sled 6. 6 inch Handle grip at 3 feet and 6 inch handle grip at the end for shoulder, elbow or other hand. 7. Machine washable cold water. 8. Does not stretch or bungee out keeps your dogs in the safe zone and under more control when other dogs come near, seen it happen many times to much leash no control


  • CANINE WEIGHT SET® Rubber Logo Last Longer
  • Strong Reflective 1 inch Nylon Seat Belt Strap Holds 1000lbs of Tension
  • Heavy Duty Nickel Plate O Ring
  • Heavy Duty 1 inch Buckle
  • 3 Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Leash Hooks
  • 2 Braided Vinyl No Tangle Hand Grips


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