Without a doubt the best workout tool for my dogs I have used in a long time if not ever.

James Bush III

Burleson, Texas www.ablek9.com

I bought the CANINE WEIGHT SET ® in hopes to strengthen my dogs back legs and I have had much success with my vest.

Jeff Ferguson

Miami, Florida

We have much better results with endurance and strength with our vest and ordered three more after getting our first one.

Jennifer McDonald

Fairburn, Georgia

If you want to build muscle, speed, and endurance this is a very good product to use works excellent for me.

David Brooks

Pough Keepsie, New York

I bought the CANINE WEIGHT SET ® to strengthen my dogs back legs after and injury and he has fully recovered after four weeks.

Wilson Caraballo

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

We have had much success with our vests, we bought four total thanks SPEED

Joe Lawton

Fort Worth, Texas

Our vest works excellent, and it also is very attractive most people don’t think it’s a weight vest.

Tianne Moore

Morgan City, Louisiana

The CANINE WEIGHT SET ® builds muscle fast and gives that full body workout I been looking for, one of a kind product. I use it in my every day workout.

Corey Walker

Bronx, New York

I have been competing in shows and weight pull competitions for years, and since I bought my vest it has brought my competing to the next level I love the vest and use it every day.

Damien Francois

Destrehan, Louisiana

Very nice product looks and works very well. I have very active dogs my vest keeps them at a calm pace and keeps them in great shape.

Leslie Foye

Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

Nice looking product everyone has asked me what it is and no one thinks it is a weight vest for dogs.

Deforest Clark

Elgin, Illinois

Love the idea for this product, I have had my vests now for 2 years and it works great it has gave me all the results I have been looking for in a long time.

Jeff Harris

Philladelphia, Pennsylvania

My dogs have gained more muscle and speed in the last year I could not ask for more thanks for the great product.

Marcus Johnson

Holly Springs, Mississippi

I have bought a lot of products trying to strengthen my dogs for weight pull competitions and the CANINE WEIGHT SET ® gave me that extra edge I needed to compete in the top ranks.

John J. Roberts

Ontario, Canada

Wonderful product I could not wait to get my hands on it, my dogs are stronger than they have ever been thanks a lot.

Olon Tucker

Kentwood, Michigan

After buying one of the vest and seeing how it works, I now own three of them and a few of my friends have bought one to after seeing how it builds muscle tone and strength.

Howard Williams

Longview, Texas

This vest has made my dogs stronger than I have ever seen, I have tried several products also a couple other vest NO vest compares to the CANINE WEIGHT SET ®. Best product for dogs I have seen for muscle building.

Corey Stewart

Los Angeles, California

-Best product I have seen for strengthening dogs. Where I live there are not many dog strengthening products but they were able to get my vest to me in 2 weeks and it works great.

Haskel Morone

Kingston, Jamaica

I had been looking for years for some kind of product to work my dogs out and give them more muscle and endurance. I finally found a pet product that fits all my needs, awesome product.

Branden Wellman

Honolulu, Hawaii

There is absolutely nothing here in our country like this product we have much success with the product and a lot of people are asking about it looks great on your dog will be ordering more in the future.

Hamad Khalid Alkhalika

Bahrain, Iraq

We end up buying 4 of the vest and they have been in very good use for our dogs our friends even ordered a couple. If you want to build muscle then this vest is about all you need have a couple more friends want one too we will be buying more in the future for sure.

Matt O'malley

Boronia Victoria, Australia