For a wide range of purposes, weighted products are used by humans. The prime one is strength training for adults and the next one is to bring assistance for the children that used to suffer from social disorders and anxiety. And these are some common reasons why these products have managed to become so popular and accepted in recent years.

However, you have not come here to find out the weighted products that can be used by humans. Rather you are here for your pet. It’s your canine companion that is very overactive and now your furry friend needs proper and effective workout so that the pet can become calmer than ever before. When you want to make your dog more disciplined and calm, you should bring the right kind of workout for the pet. This not only keeps the pet healthy but also improves the pet’s life. This is where the use of the weighted dog vest announced by Canine Weight Set can bring the best possible help for you and for your pet.


There is a wide range of benefits that can be explored once the best weighted dog vest is wrapped around your pup. Apart from developing stamina as well as strength for the dog, it also helps to reduce body fat and can bring the best solution for those dogs that used to suffer from obesity-like conditions. There are many dogs that used to remain very depressed. The prime reason is their overweight condition. To deal with such conditions, the weighted dog vest must be used. It can help the dog to become more active while shedding off those additional pounds. And this works in the best possible manner for an overactive dog. These dogs are not really easy to handle. But with the strength training offered by the weighted dog vest, these dogs can even become more disciplined and calm.

When you are looking for the main purposes behind the use of the weighted dog vest, you can really find that it can bring a great level of help for those dogs who are dealing with anxiety. When the pressure is applied on the dog’s body the pet also receives ample and effective workout. This helps to calm anxiety and fear. Dogs that are over excited and overactive can also become calm once the weighted dog vest is used for them.

What is a weighted dog vest?

As we all know, dogs are man’s best friend. And when you have a furry friend at home, you also need to take proper care of the pet. By offering your dog the best dog food and taking him through vaccination from time to time is not going to be sufficient when you are looking for a healthy, disciplined and active pet.

Despite the fact that you take great care of the pet, the pet might come across obesity or overweight-like conditions or even become anxious due to their overflowing energy. And these are surely not good for the mental and physical health of the pet and in extension your own. In order to deal with these issues, you should start using the weighted dog vest announced by Canine Weight Set. So, the question is when there are so many other dog vests coming to the market and all of them demand to bring great results on the use, why should you buy a weighted dog vest announced by Canine Weight Set?

Here are top 8 points why this weighted dog vest is suggested for just any pet owner:

  • This weighted vest for dogs is two times heavier than the other weighted vests coming to the market. Due to this reason, it can bring an ample and more effective workout for the pet.
  • When other weighted dog vests are used to target the front legs only, this one targets both the front and back legs. Once strapped around your dog’s body, it distributes the weight equally starting from the front legs to the back legs.
  • For this weighted dog vest, the pockets are located outside so that you can add the sand into those pockets easily without taking the vest off. This is how you can adjust the weight in the most convenient manner. This ultimately promotes a great level of coordination and balance for the pet.
  • There is a ½ inch padded material there between the vest and the dog. Due to this reason, your pet is not going to experience any kind of discomfort when the dog vest is on.
  • There are also straps assigned for it that come with padding underneath so that the coat of the pet will not get rubbed and can stay smooth.
  • For this weighted dog vest the straps and Velcro are used so that the vest can be adjusted easily and perfectly. This is the prime reason why it is easier for the dog to get used to the weighted dog vest as well as use it for a prolonged time.
  • In order to make this weighted dog vest, top quality and stronger material is used. Due to this reason, such a vest is not going to rip, tear and deteriorate on the use. It can last for a long time and that’s for sure.
  • If you are looking for the most effective weighted dog vest, then the one announced by Canine Weight Set is what you should purchase now. This weighted dog vest comes in the best price and is designed to keep your pet healthy in the long run.

It’s the #1 Weighted Dog Vest

Every pet owner wants a healthy dog at home. To keep the dog healthy, a dog must be taken through strength and stamina training. In order to get this done, you must use the best and affordable weighted dog vest now.

  • It helps to develop muscles for your pet.
  • It also helps the dog to combat obesity and anxiety-like
  • It can strengthen the cardiovascular health of the pet.
  • It also helps the dog to deal with depression-like conditions

A dog can suffer from a wide range of issues. The problem is most of the time pet owners are not able to trace these issues and they pretend their dogs are in the best health and shape. But this is not always the case. Some dogs are very energetic. Handling these dogs is not that easy. But the use of the weighted dog vest can make a big difference for such pets in a very short time. It can make them calmer and disciplined. It also makes them focused and decreases their range of activities. When you are taking the pet for a walk, just strap the weighted dog vest around the pet’s body. With this much work, you will be able to help your dog receive an ample and more effective workout.


Canine Weight Set:

CWS is the best weighted dog vest and designed to help enhance the overall health, stamina, strength and performance of your pet. This weighted dog vest also helps to eliminate obesity, reduce anxiety and depression, and delivers a complete workout for the pet. Your pet should wear it every day and the results can be visible in very less time. Get One Now!

When you are looking for something that can help your furry friend remain active, healthy and stronger, you should choose the best weighted dog vest first. This is one of the most significant things that you can add for your pet’s closet now. So, why does a dog need the weighted dog vest so badly?

Muscle Building and Strength Training with CWS Weighted Dog Vest:

The canine weight pulling sport is on the rise. It showcases the strength, agility, and willpower of your canine companion, the hunter and protector at its best form. CWS dog vests can help train your companions muscles and strength more efficiently than any other fit vests. They have more room for weights than any other in the market giving you and your canine companion to undergo a wider range of weight lifting or pulling training.

Disclaimer: Canine Weight Pulling is done under controlled environment and no canine or their trainers are injured in the process. There is no sign of forced participations in the matchups.

Makes the pet calmer

The use of the dog vest can calm down a dog very quickly. Dogs that are more energetic can bring more damage for their health. As a pet owner you might feel that such a pet is very health and active. But this is not the case always. Due to the extra energy, the pet will not be able to control the temper. This is a prime reason why energetic dogs use to come across hyperactive disorder. The most suitable and comfortable weighted dog vest can do wonders for your furry friend. It can help to reduce that additional play time and keep the dog calm. This is how your pet can become more balanced emotionally and can become more focused as well. Keep in mind that as a pet owner you never know when the dog will leap again for some attention or playtime, this might even drain your energy till you drop.

Helps to shed off additional and unwanted pounds

When you have an overweight dog, you cannot just find ample ease while trying to take the pet for a long walk. Hiking to your favorite spot with such a dog can be very difficult. You can keep the pet safe as well as healthy by strapping the best weighted dog vest. In just a few weeks of time, it can burn that excess energy that your dog poses and can help in shedding those additional pounds that are not helping your dog to take a long walk with you. The use of the weighted dog vest can bring the pet to a very desirable state. Studies suggest that you use the weighted dog vest every day for the pet for 20 to 30 minutes and the result can be seen in very less time.

It improves the cardiovascular health

Taking your pet for a walk on a daily basis is a good thing for sure. And this is also the time when the weighted dog vest must be strapped around the dog. This helps in improving the cardiovascular health of the pet. It also helps the dog to deal with obesity-like conditions in a very successful manner.

What to consider when you are buying a weighted dog vest?

There are certain things that you need to consider first when you are looking for the weighted dog vest for your pet. By considering these points, you will be able to end up buying the best dog vest that can be highly beneficial for your pet. This market is getting packed with a wide range of dog vests. But the fact is not all these items best suit your pet. So, you need to be very careful while selecting the dog vest for your pet.

The weight of the vest

When you get a bulky one for the pet, it can alter the body posture of the dog. Due to this reason, you will not be able to see good results. When you are using the weighted dog vest, try not to strain as well as tense your pet excessively. Choose the dog vest on the basis of the body weight of the pet. If you are not sure, then taking help of a vet can be an ideal move. As the pet grows, the weight can also be developed so that the stamina as well as strength of the pet can enhance.

Size of the vest

It is always suggested to get an adjustable dog vest so that you can use it easily. You need to measure the chest, neck and length before you buy one. For example, if your pet weighs around 35 to 55 lbs, then getting a 23-28 inches dog vest can be very comfortable for your pet. Here, you also need to keep a keen eye on the garment from which that vest is made.

Go for the padded dog vest

Getting a stretched out dog weighted vest can bring great results. It promotes maximum motion for the pet. As this has padded materials, it protects the dog from any kind of injury during the workout sessions. You need to wrap this dog vest properly around the pet. When you are using it for the first time, the pet might not show a great interest in it but the pet will get used to the dog vest with time.

Pocketed vest is a good option

When you have a pocketed vest, it becomes easier for you to add or reduce weight. These pockets must be assigned for the side of the vest so that the weight distribution can remain equal and proper. This brings the best and proper workout for the pet. This type of weighted dog vest is always comfortable to use and targets the front and back legs of the pet while providing ample workout.