CWS Weighted Dog Sled™ and All In one Workout Unit!!

CWS Weighted Dog Sled™ and All In one Workout Unit!!

The Weighted Dog Sled works other muscle areas of the body than the Weighted Dog Vest both are in conjunction with each other and will give your dog a total body workout no matter what size your dog is. Our Weighted Dog Vest works the inner core muscle that keeps joints healthy and keeps the fat from the building. Our Weighted Dog Sled works on the body’s outer muscles keeps the body’s muscle tone looking great works on real strength and burns fat. 

Our dogs absolutely love the vest and the sled when we pull both out they know it is time to have some fun and they know it is all theirs. It also promotes mental stability, emotional satisfaction, and bonding between you and your dog. 

We have an 18-20 pound Fox Terrier and he loves pulling the sled, at first, he was like say man what is this but after a few tries he figured it out went from 5 pounds to like 30 in a couple of days now he dragging it all over. He really likes to put in work even when we do neighborhood walks in the vest he never wants to go in the house he always wants to go one more time.

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