Weighted Dog Vest + Floatation Life Swim Vest

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Size: XXSmall
Color: BLACK

Transform Your Dog’s Health and Performance

Looking for a dog vest that goes beyond just anxiety control? Many vests on the market offer limited functionality, but the Canine Weight Set® is here to change that. This heavy-duty, waterproof vest is an all-in-one solution for your dog's health and well-being.. Traditional vests often place weights solely on the front legs, which can cause injuries. The Canine Weight Set® distributes weight evenly across all four legs for optimal safety and back health.

Maintain Peak Muscle Health

Experience the benefits of the Canine Weight Set® with removable weights. Provide your dog with a versatile, comfortable, and effective training tool that adapts to their evolving needs. Elevate your dog’s health and performance with this innovative solution today!

How to Properly Fit the Canine Weight Vest®

Customizable Weight Training for Your Dog

With removable weights, the Canine Weight Set® offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your dog's training for optimal results. Easily transition from weighted to unweighted exercise, ensuring comfort and safety.

Floatation for Your Dog's Perfect Swim

The Canine Floatation Swim Vest is Seamlessly transition from swimming to regular activity while ensuring comfort and safety in the water. Ideal for swim training, rehabilitation, and water-based exercise, this vest adapts to your dog's evolving needs,..

How to Properly Fit the Canine Weight Vest

Place the vest over your dog’s back and fasten the straps around the chest and abdomen for a secure, comfortable fit. Fill the sandbags to your desired weight and insert them into the vest’s pockets, ensuring even weight distribution.

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