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Original Designer Of CANINE WEIGHT SET® Eul Speed From Fort Worth Texas.

When I Was In College I Used A Weighted Vest And I Still Use A Weighted Vest Now Days. While Using A Weighted Vest I Have Been In The Best Fitness Shape Of My Life. After Getting One Of My First Dogs I Wanted To Work Her Out But Did Not Want To Do The Things My Friends Did Which Could Hurt And Damage Your Dog. So One Day I Looked At My Vest And Said I'm Creating My Own Weighted Vest For Dogs That Has Many Benefits As You Can See Throughout My Website.

I Have Designed Several Different Vest In The Last Few Years. Now I Have Designed A Vest That Is Several Vest All Into One Which Is A Weighted Vest + Floatation Swim Vest. So If You Are Looking For A Vest That Will Put Your Pet To The Test To Be The Best You Will Need CANINE WEIGHT SET®


Level Up Your Dog's Workout

Full-Body Weighted Vests with Sandbag Adjustability

Take your dog's exercise routine to the next level with a customizable, full-body weighted vest! These innovative vests feature four pockets in the legs and body that can be filled with sand, allowing you to tailor the weight distribution to your dog's specific needs.

Improved Strength and Stamina: Adding weight to your dog's walks and playtime naturally increases the effort required for movement, leading to stronger muscles and better endurance.

Enhanced Bone Density: Weighted exercise can stimulate bone growth, promoting stronger and healthier bones for your dog.

Increased Mental Stimulation: The added challenge of a weighted vest keeps your dog engaged and mentally stimulated during walks and playtime.

Weight Management Support: For overweight or obese dogs, a weighted vest can help them burn more calories during exercise, aiding in weight management efforts.

Strengthen with Low-Impact Swimming

Floatation Support for Water Therapy

Enhance water therapy sessions with our floatation support feature. Perfect for dogs that enjoy swimming or need low-impact exercise, this feature supports your dog in the water, helping build strength and endurance without stressing their joints.


Build Strength & Stamina

Weighted vests gently add resistance during walks and playtime, promoting muscle growth and improved endurance for your dog

Enhanced Safety in Water

The floatation vest provides buoyancy and supports your dog while swimming, keeping them safe and secure in the water.

Durable & Long-lasting

Our high-performance dog vests, crafted with premium materials, ensure comfort and durability for every adventure.

Improved Joint Health

Canine Weight Set® gently adds weight to build muscle around joints, improving stability and reducing future joint risk.

Soothe Your Dog's Stress with a Gentle Embrace

Anxiety and Calming Relief

Reduce your dog's anxiety with the calming embrace of our vest. The gentle, consistent pressure provides a soothing effect, similar to a comforting hug, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Ideal for dogs with separation anxiety or those easily stressed by loud noises.

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Amplify Muscle Growth

The vest allows you to add adjustable weight, promoting muscle growth and boosting metabolism, leading to a more energetic and well-behaved pup on walks.

Accelerated Weight Loss

Help your dog achieve a healthier weight effortlessly. Our vest increases the intensity of regular walks and playtime, burning more calories and promoting effective weight loss. It's an excellent tool for managing your dog's weight

Enhance Mental Stability

Maintain your dog's mental health with regular physical activity. Our vest provides an effective outlet for energy, reducing boredom and associated destructive behaviors.

Customizable Resistance

Customize the challenge with our adjustable weights. Tailor the vest to your dog's size, strength, and fitness level, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal benefits. This feature allows the vest to grow with your pet, adapting to their evolving needs and capabilities.

Enhance Heart and Lung Function

Boost Cardiovascular Health

Boost your dog's cardiovascular health with added resistance. The increased effort required for movement enhances heart and lung function, promoting a healthier cardiovascular system. Your dog will enjoy better endurance and overall vitality.

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Elevate Your Dog's Health CANINE WEIGHT SET®

Boost your dog's cardiovascular health and stamina with the Canine Vest's optimal resistance training. It aids in safe injury rehabilitation with balanced weight distribution, and its buoyant materials provide excellent floatation support for water exercises.

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Superior Utility and Comfort for Active Adventures

Equip your dog with the Canine Vest® and discover the ultimate in convenience and comfort. With secure compartments for all essentials, everything is within reach, giving you peace of mind on any adventure. Made from durable, weather-resistant materials, this vest allows your dog to move freely and naturally, no matter the terrain.

But that not all: the snug, ergonomic fit of the Canine Vest not only enhances physical comfort but also reduces anxiety, providing a calming effect that can help control aggression. With the Rover Tactical Vest, you're not just prepared – you're perfectly equipped for every outdoor experience with your loyal companion.

Suited Up for Adventure: Vests for the Active Dog


Orlia Rutter

Top-notch Quality

After my dog’s injury, the vest was instrumental in his rehabilitation. The balanced weight distribution ensured safe, controlled movements. He recovered faster than expected and is now more active than ever."

Andrew Larsen

Comfortable All Day

I love how this vest provides excellent floatation support during our water therapy sessions. Plus, the snug fit really helps with my dog's anxiety, making him calmer and more stable mentally. Fantastic product!

Jessica Williams

Customer for Life

Overall it has been a game-changer for my dog's health. It significantly improved his cardiovascular fitness, and I noticed a huge boost in his stamina. Highly recommend!"

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Benefits in Purchasing a Weighted Vest for your Dog

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