Fighting Obesity, Building Strength and Sustaining Muscle Keeps A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Pet!!

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Full Body Weighted Dog Vest Weights On All 4 Legs More Effective -Builds Strength and Improves Over All Health – Free Sandbag Weights – New Weight Sled Attachment – Water Repellent – Best Vest Package When It Comes to Results!!!​

Getting your service dogs trained needs the right gear and equipment along with a lot of discipline! Opt for the best resistance training for dogs from the best of trainers only from your trusted Want your dogs to be trained by the best? We are your best bet to get dog weight pulling training services from trained professionals! So, What are you waiting for?

Get your dogs trained with the help of dog weighted vest exercise. If you are looking for a strong and top-quality service dog weight vest or a quality dog weight harness to better control your dog on walks and outings then be sure to check out our latest collection of the best quality harnesses and vests that are comfortable for your dog. Find the best quality vests to suit your dog’s weight and comfortability only here. Get all types of vests for your service dogs, browse through our latest arrivals to take your pick now.

Our Testimonials

I bought the CANINE WEIGHT SET ® in hopes to strengthen my dogs back legs and I have had much success.

Jeff Ferguson

Miami, Florida

We have much better results with endurance and strength with our vest and ordered three more after getting.

Jennifer McDonald

Fairburn, Georgia

If you want to build muscle, speed, and endurance this is a very good product to use works excellent for me.

David Brooks

Pough Keepsie, New York

I bought the CANINE WEIGHT SET ® to strengthen my dogs back legs after and injury and he has fully recovered after four weeks.

Wilson Caraballo

Philadephia, Pennsylvania

The CANINE WEIGHT SET ® builds muscle fast and gives that full body workout I been looking for, one of a kind product. I use it in my every day workout.

Corey Walker

Bronx, New York

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December 29, 2020

CWS Weighted Dog Sled™ and All In one Workout Unit!!

The Weighted Dog Sled works other muscle areas of the body than the Weighted Dog Vest both

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December 28, 2020

Dual Dog Walker Leash™ Patent Pending Custom Made To Use For A Couple Of Reasons

First, the Dual Dog Walker Leash™ is the pulling strap that goes to our new product CWS Weighted

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December 25, 2020

Benefits in Purchasing a Weighted Vest for your Dog

Prevention of health issues such as Hip Dysplasia and Muscle Deterioration for aging dogs more in medium

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