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Full Body Weighted Dog Vest Weights On All 4 Legs More Effective -Builds Strength and Improves Over All Health – Free Sandbag For Weights – Weight Sled Attachment – Water Repellent – Best Vest Package When It Comes to Results!!!​

Getting your service dogs trained needs the right gear and equipment along with a lot of discipline! Opt for the best resistance training for dogs from the best of trainers only from your trusted CANINE WEIGHT SET®. Want your dogs to be trained by the best? We are your best bet to get dog weight training services from trained professionals! So, What are you waiting for?

Get your dogs strength trained with the help of weighted dog vest exercise. If you are looking for a strong and top-quality service weighted dog vest or a quality weighted dog harness to better control your dog on walks and outings and just chilling around the house then be sure to check out our latest best quality vests that are comfortable for your dog. Find the best quality vests to suit your dog’s weight and comfort only here.