CWS Weighted Dog Sled™


Patent Pending

1. Hold up to 60 pounds, hold standard hole size weights 2.5, 5, 10 and 25 pound weight plates. Weight plates can be bought separately at

2. For dog and human uses

3. Use on grass, turf or any smooth surface for best results.

4. Dual Dog Walker Leash™ included with purchase

5. Hooks to Weighted Animal Vest® with Dual Dog Walker Leash™

6. Engraved Lased Logo

7. 1″ Pipe screws in and out not tack welded last longer and easy storage


  • Steel Plate
  • Steel Pipe
  • White screw cap to hold weights on
  • powder coated truck bed liner
  • Dual Dog Walker Leash™ included with purchase $29.99 Value Free

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